Who am I? Dr Frans Kruger, Dental Surgeon (focused on Orthodontic treatment only)
Age: 38
Weakness: Wife's Cooking
Hobbies: Outdoor Adventure
Tertiary Education: 2003 B.Ch.D (Stell) - Degree in Dental Surgery,
PDD (Orthodontics) (UWC) - Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics
Why Orthodontics? I guess this passion rubbed off on me while watching my father in his practice from a very young age. We still work closely together and love discussing treatment plans...
Dentist doing Orthodontics? A degree in Dentistry gives you the privilege of having a wide spectrum of fields you can practise in without specialising: Prosthetics (crowns), Implantology (implants with mild surgery), Endodontics (root canal treatment) and a few, like me, have an absolute passion for Orthodontic treatment - therefore I am continuously doing as many post graduate courses as possible: home and abroad.